About CitiCall

CitiCall provides Digital Radio Services by creating solutions based on customer needs.  Through our experience, innovation and deep knowledge of wireless communications, we offer an optimum blend of skills and best practices that reduce the cost and risk of deployments.

CitiCall digital infrastructure uses latest NEXEDGE®  technology from JVCKenwood to provide a reliable platform for voice and data communications. The advanced NEXEDGE® digital platform that allows you the flexibility of secure work group communications for Local and Wide Area Calls. Efficient digital radio communication allows companies to control and manage work groups and resources and customize the communications channels required for business to operate efficiently.


The 28th SEA Games were held over 12 days, June 5-16, 2015. A total of 7,000 athletes and officials from the 11 countries participated in 36 sports and 402 events. CitiCall was chosen by the Singapore SEA Games Organising Committee to provide radio communications throughout the 28th SEA Games 2015. In this event, CitiCall achieved a great success being supported by NEXEDGE® radios backed by a nationwide digital trunking system.
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